Custom Packaging Design


Custom Packaging Design for Your Valuable Assets

Craters & Freighters in Illinois, serving all of the Chicagoland Metropolitan Area and Northwest Indiana, is a custom packaging company with quality workmanship, shipping expertise, and superior materials to provide you with everything you need for your most difficult shipping challenges.

Product-specific packaging is one of our specialties. Our decades of experience have equipped us to meet even the most challenging shipping needs, regardless of size, shape, weight, or fragility.

We avoid one-size-fits-all approaches because we know that when it comes to shipping unique valuables, it requires a specialized approach. Our priority is your assets and getting them safely where you’d like them, whether that location is domestic or international.

We know the shipping stream can be unpredictable, so we take care to plan for everything and use specialized packing to get your valuables to their destination damage-free.

Our custom packaging design solutions include:

Vapor Barrier Packaging – When certain items, such as those with bare metal surfaces, electronics, and IT equipment travel by ocean container, moisture barriers need to be in place to protect them from damage.

Heat Shrink Wrapping – Our heat shrink-wrap protects items needing short or long-term storage from dust, weather, dirt, or moisture. The temporary barrier leaves no damage when removed and is useful in covering a variety of shapes and sizes.

Corrugated Containers – Custom corrugated containers provide lightweight durability and are a good choice for items that don’t require wood crates. These boxes and containers can also be customized for domestic shipping according to your needs.

Anti-Static (ESD) – Anti-static packaging is critical when shipping electrically sensitive items to prevent damaging the equipment. We offer wraps, barriers, and cushioning designed to prevent electrostatic discharges and their devastating effects.

Hard Shell Cases – Fragile pieces often need an extra layer of protection in shipping and these specialized hard shell cases, along with cushioning, offer exceptional protection.

Specialized Cushioning – Cushioning will change depending on the unique item being transported in potentially harsh shipping conditions. Foams, braces, and other cushioning are customized per order and backed by our decades of logistical knowledge and expertise.

Your trust is important to us, so we work hard to find the best solution for your shipping needs. We’ve learned through the last thirty years what works within the sometimes hostile shipping stream and we are confident we can protect your assets with our custom crates, boxes, shipping containers, and custom packaging design.


Customer Satisfaction is Our Priority

Our first priority is you. Ensuring your valuables are taken care of through the unpredictable nature of shipping is why we put so much attention to detail into providing the custom shipping packaging you need. We take into consideration the full scope of the assets you are packaging and shipping.

These details help us determine what packaging design to use to best protect your valuables. We go above and beyond to protect your assets like they were our own – our reputation depends on it.

Flexible Packaging and Shipping Services

Craters & Freighters in the Chicagoland Metro area wants to be your one-stop-shop for all your shipping needs. Our streamlined process employs three decades of design and logistics experience that is unmatched in the industry. Backed by a national powerhouse while offering convenient, local service, we provide comprehensive and personalized service.


Think your items are too bulky, too heavy, too awkward, or too fragile? Talk to us to learn more about your options and you may be surprised at what’s possible. Our custom white-glove shipping services were made for such a challenge.

On-Site Crating

Our dedicated team will create a custom solution, whether at your location or ours.

Domestic & International

We are here to offer support in a variety of ways to give your valuables safe passage through the shipping process, whether domestic or international.

Nationwide Support

As national logistic leaders with local support, we’ve helped a wide range of industries and individuals with millions of custom packaging solutions.

A Custom Packaging Company Made with You in Mind

Our proactive approach to custom shipping and packaging means we are thinking of the worst shipping environment and build the perfect package to keep your valuable assets safe. We are determined to get your items safely where they belong and protect them during their storage or transport.

Let our packing and shipping engineers prove their worth to you. We won’t disappoint. Your peace of mind motivates us to meet and exceed your shipping requirements and standards. We will handle every part of the logistics for your shipments including:

Our design engineers are experts in the logistics industry with the knowledge and skill needed for your standard, oversized, awkward, or fragile items. We don’t have the size or weight restrictions because we have the experience to handle it all responsibly and effectively. We build the best protection possible for your valuables, providing a durable solution that withstands shipping rigors to arrive safely, securely, and on time.


Contact Craters & Freighters in Chicagoland today for a fast, free, no-obligation quote or to learn more about our shipping and crating services.

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